Hiking Giannutri island 

One thing I enjoy doing is going hiking, I love to be outside walking around in nature. There is a sense of tranquility that takes over when looking around at all the natural beauty surrounding you, sans cars and buildings. Although there is beauty to find in those as well. The world is full of beauty, art of its own kind, anywhere and everywhere you go. I get inspired as much on a tropical island as I do getting lost in the streets of New York City. The key is to take the time and stop, put your phone away and become aware of what is around  you. (while still snapping awesome shots of the journey) 

Hiking is not a common activity here where I live because the places to go close by could be dangerous due to the wild hogs. True story! We have gone hiking through the Tuscan forests here close by before in the fall to forage porcini mushrooms, but you have to keep an eye out for the wild hogs, i cinghiali. So when my friend Giulia invited me to go on a hiking trip through this island about an hour away, I was thrilled! It’s been awhile since I have been able to enjoy being out in nature due to my extreme pollen allergies this spring, but the plant life is different on this small island in the middle of the sea and I took strong medicine the night before just in case. Spring is not a good season for me. I couldn’t wait to go, I love exploring new places!

The tiny island is called Giannutri, half-moon shaped and only 11 km long. (About 8 miles) During the off-season only 13 people live on the island. There is one bar (cafe), one mini market and one restaurant that is only open during the summer season. There are no hotels on the island either, only houses to rent. And there is definitely no need for a car here.

The island was covered in these strange coral, orange and yellow colored plants that looked like they belonged to the succulent family. So pretty! There were many wild orchids, palms and other  indigenous tropical plants. The picture above shows those long-stemmed plants that remind me of Dr. Suess books. The island had laughing seagulls flying around everywhere, so dreamy. Yes, I said laughing seagulls. They made this weird noise that sounded like they were laughing, it was hilarious!

The weather was amazing and the water was crystal clear, you could see all the way to the bottom where the rocks were covered in black sea urchins. I read online that Giannutri island is a desired spot for diving, so I would love to check that out next time I come. I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful country.

After we hiked and explored all day we took a lunch break down by the seashore, grabbed an espresso at the local bar, chatted, sun bathed and headed back to the ferry to go back to the mainland. Ciao for now, Isola Di Giannutri.

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