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Dolce Pomodoro – In Cucina con il Coure


I don’t know what it is, but pretty much everyone I know here since I moved seems to appreciate great quality food. I’m not talking about those expensive restaurant critic-type people either. Quality of food is valued highly here whether you are at that rundown building that turned rustic restaurant serving fresh carne on the grill, or a nice seafood ristorante on the sea. Moving here has taught me so much about food and how much quality and freshness is absolutely number one no matter where you are. Using produce that is in season and that is organically grown makes a huge difference. That’s what makes Italian cuisine so special.

Up North in Bolzano



Two weeks ago we went to Bolzano, E had work meetings and I was able to tag along this time. Bolzano is a 5 hour drive away up into the Italian Alps and the capital of Sudtirol, in the Alto Adige region of Northeastern Italy.¬†We went last year as well and I remember it fondly and loved it. The shops are amazing so of course I had a good time. There was a lot to see but I wasn’t overwhelmed and it still felt familiar. I didn’t mind roaming the streets all day by myself.