I am originally from Portland, Oregon, in the United States, and moved to Italy in 2013. My boyfriend is Italian which is what brought me here. We met in a small Italian restaurant in the city of Portland, Oregon over a glass of his company’s red wine. After months of communicating long distance he then invited me to join him for a summer holiday in his hometown, and the rest is history.
We live together here in La California, which is a small country town in Tuscany located on the Mediterranean Sea. Because it is a small town, I was completely immersed into Italian culture and had to learn the language to be able to communicate with people. We speak English at home but all of ‘E’s family and our friends speak Italian only.
 Italians clearly know their way around the kitchen, so I knew I had big shoes to fill.  I am constantly learning, reading and trying new things. I love Italian cuisine not only because it is delizioso, but because all recipes are made from few, simple and fresh ingredients.  It’s all about the process and quality of the food. Learning to use fresh and local ingredients makes all the difference with taste and treating your body well.
I have always been interested in fashion and the way that art is incorporated into designing clothes. Milan is the fashion capital of the world and great style is everywhere throughout Italy. I have been inspired more and more by street style and the creative ways Italian celebrate style. Before I moved here I worked as a stylist and the interest in fashion and design has always been in my heart since I was young.
We both love to travel and are fortunate enough to be able to make frequent trips around Europe and North America and hopefully to other continents in the future. In this blog you will find recipes, posts of my travels, my style and things I have learned while living in Tuscany. I absolutely love to learn about different cultures and the way they celebrate life, love, style and food. Cooking, fashion and taking photos of things that inspire me are all ways I express my creativity. I take all of my own photos unless noted and am always inspired by my surroundings.